Episode 3:
"The Lost Teaching of Vibration"


In this third episode of Project Utopia, we follow the prince on a journey to Africa at the age of 11 where he learns the secret of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs – the power of vibration.  You’ll see how we each put out our own vibrations, and how these vibrations affect our lives.  Then you’ll learn how to change those vibrations from within – and when your inner vibrations change, your outer experiences also change. Vibration is the key to change.


Episode 3 Transcript

Episode 3 – “The Lost Teaching of Vibration” 

Hey everyone, welcome to Project Utopia: The Enlightenment Podcast.  This first episode I’m going to introduce you to the Enlightened King and I’m going to share several important principles of his enlightenment wisdom.  Get comfortable, relax, and prepare yourself for the journey. 

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Sit back, forget the outer world and prepare yourself for this journey.  Let go of time. 

We talked about a young prince who became king at the age of 17, well today we will accompany the 11-year-old prince and his father, the elder king, on their visit to ancient Egypt. 

It is on this trip that the young prince learned the ancient secret of the Egyptian pharaohs, the power of vibration.

For thousands of years, Egypt, and particularly the ancient city of Cairo was the economic center of the world.  Today Cairo is located just on the east bank of the Nile river, but centuries ago Cairo was a port city on the Gulf of Suez – that area today is shown on maps as Old Cairo. 

For almost two thousand years, Old Cairo was the most magnificent trading center of its time.  Ships from India would arrive loaded with fabrics, dyes, spices and jewels.  They would empty their cargo and return loaded with fine rugs, ivory, silver and gold from Persia and Africa. 

But it was not only money that flowed through Egypt.  For thousands of years Egypt was also the center of world culture.  Cairo was the most populous city in the world and was the center of learning.  Egyptian astronomy and mathematics, Greek philosophy.  Cairo was a melting pot that attracted students and practitioners of wisdom from around the world. 

At the age of 11, the prince accompanied his father, the elder king, on a seven month voyage to Africa.  By the time of their trip, Cairo had been reduced to only a fraction of what it had been in its glory days.  Senseless fighting amongst Islamic religious factions had discouraged foreigners from Cairo, and the economy was barren.     

In fact, all global trade had dried up considerably from what it had been in its heyday.


While the king was given a tour of the port city of Cairo and the few trading stalls that still operated, the king’s real purpose in Cairo went beyond trade.  He had been told about secret teachings – different than what was being taught in China and India – and he wanted to experience this wisdom for himself.  He was in Cairo to meet the high masters of ancient Egyptian wisdom.  

When their ships arrived in the Cairo port they would have been met by high officials of the Egyptian mystery schools, and been provided with comfortable apartments where they would spend days and nights engaged in discussion and teaching.  The elder king’s wisdom and his sincerity would have been quickly apparent to the wise men, so at some point during the visit, the wise masters agreed to lead a small royal party to visit the Great Pyramids of Giza.  It was a two-day zig zagging journey, 70 miles west from Old Cairo to the site of the Great Pyramid.  On the second night they stopped and set up a comfortable camp.  They would sleep in the camp that night, visit the pyramid for the full day tomorrow and return to the camp for the evening. 

Waking up on the third morning of that journey, the young prince would have seen from about 5 miles away the pyramids – like tiny shimmering points of darkness rising from the blinding light of the desert’s horizon.  

From afar the pyramids look like small dots, and it’s an optical illusion because even as you get closer the pyramids still look small against the vast horizon, but the last two miles is an extraordinary experience with each step as the black dots on the horizon begin to rise and grow bigger and bigger, and they keep rising over your head until you reach the Great Pyramids which are overwhelming in size, and incomprehensible in scope. 

And the young prince would have certainly been in awe at the sight of the strange Sphinx - a huge pharaoh’s head with a long body like a lion standing guard in front of the massive pyramid.

The great pyramid on the Giza Plateau was built by the Pharaoh Khufu in Egypt’s fourth dynasty - 4,500 years ago, and I won’t go into it here, but many fascinating books have been written about the mathematical and astronomical precision of its design.  Much more can be said about the construction and symbolism of the great pyramid, but here we will focus on the inner teachings of the wise masters of ancient Egypt.

Led by these great masters they would have dismounted their camels and walked to the feet of the Sphinx where a secret entrance exists at the base.  Before opening the door the masters would have reminded all to be silent and reflect on the inner journey that was now to begin. 

With one torch leading the way, the door was closed behind them and they were literally and spiritually in an inner world, blindly following the masters through a series of low and narrow passageways to ancient Egyptian wisdom.  Occasionally the narrow tunnels lead into small, dark, open chambers.  At each chamber they would pause, and the masters would explain the significance.  

The young prince would have enjoyed the long, secret tunnel passages – his small size and flexible joints giving him the advantage as his elders painfully crouched their way through more than a mile of endless tunnels and turns, sometimes climbing up, many times climbing down stairs.  

More tunnels, more chambers, more words of significance. 

As the tunnels twisted and turned, they finally would have come to a sacred room with no other entry or exit.  The room was sealed behind them and they would have stood silently – a group of perhaps seven or eight men plus the 11 year old prince.  Here the great Egyptian master would have held his flickering torch to the wall and read these ancient words from the inscription: 

“Bow down your heads into the dust, o ye inhabitants of earth.  Be silent and receive with reverence these vibrations from on high.  Wherever the sun does shine, wherever the wind does blow, wherever there is an ear to hear and a mind to conceive, there let the secrets of life be made known, let the maxims of truth be honored and obeyed.  Wisdom and goodness endure for eternity.  He who obeys this wisdom shall establish in his mind a profound peace, but man’s vision is clouded and he sees it not.  Here shall your inner eye be opened to the full light of wisdom.” 

All were silent. 

After reading the inscription, a step would have been placed against a far wall and a stone removed about six feet above the floor, revealing a dark square hole.  The party climbed up to the entrance of this opening which measured approximately three feet by three feet.  Through this perfectly smooth tunnel, the travelers, even the young prince, had to crawl on elbows and belly for another 240 feet until the leader pushed open a rock and looked down into the pitch black room that was their final destination. 

This was the King’s Inner Chamber hundreds of feet deep under the great pyramid, a chamber visited by kings and pharaohs for thousands of years. 

As an historical footnote, centuries after our story, Napoleon took this same journey into the depths of the Great Pyramid and was witness to the ritual that followed.  When he came out of the pyramid many hours later, his staff of advisors noted that he was visibly shaken.  In fact, Napoleon was a changed man after that experience, but he never spoke of it to anyone.  On his deathbed Napoleon was asked about his experience in the great pyramid, and he again refused to speak about it, reportedly saying, “It wouldn’t matter,” only adding to the mystery of the ritual that is to follow. 

Once through the square tunnel, one by one the group would have dropped themselves into the King’s Chamber – one of the masters helping the last person slide the rock back over the tunnel hole.  The exit now sealed in this fashion, one torchlight flickered and lit the room.


Relax completely as you imagine the King’s Inner Chamber in your mind’s eye surrounded by thick walls of granite hundreds of feet under the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The flickering light reveals a room about 10’ wide and 12’ long with a ceiling ten feet high.  In the middle of the ceiling is a higher section painted with images of the night sky and stars to give the feel of being outside under the stars – when in reality the inner chamber is deep under the earth beneath millions of tons of granite. 

In the center of the room – and taking up most of the space in the room is a massive stone tomb, with a thick and heavy granite lid laid on an angle partially covering the tomb.  The prince, in his boyish curiosity would have tried to stand on tippy toes to peek inside the stone tomb, but he would have seen that the tomb was empty.  The King’s Chamber is not a burial site.  This is the exact site where pharaohs had journeyed for thousands of years to ritually purify their hearts and fortify the bonds of Egyptian society, and take on the obligation of kinghood.  In such fashion, Egypt survived and thrived for more than 4,000 years. 

It is believed that this room – that this massive granite tomb was actually the starting point of the pyramid’s construction, and the rest of the massive pyramid was built outward from this spot.  

The flickering light from the torch dances over the tomb and flickers onto the serious faces of the great men standing around the room.  The elder king would have seemed to his son like a mysterious stranger in the dark, uneven, flickering shadows hiding his eyes under his hood. 

Deep, deep underneath this massive pyramid, this is the King’s Inner Chamber.  As the prince’s eyes adjusted to the dark he would have seen the walls filled with colorful pictures and words, and after several minutes of absolute silence surrounded by the silence of granite, the master held the torch near the first of these pictures, and explained the meaning of each drawing and word.  He would continue around the room, explaining the inner lessons of each scene painted on the walls. 

But for now, I draw your attention to one notable inner lesson.  In the King’s Chamber there is a drawing of Khufu, the pharaoh 4,500 years ago who built the Great Pyramid.  In the image, Khufu is being judged upon his death with a scale.  On one side of the scale was the man’s heart which represented all his earthly actions.  On the other side of the scale was a feather.  

If you know a little about Egyptian symbols, you know the feather as a symbol of the Goddess Maat – the Goddess of Truth – Maat is always recognizable in drawings because she wears a single feather in her hair.  The Egyptians believe the universe has an order to it, and it is the Goddess Maat who keeps everything in balance.  

To the Egyptians, the goddess Maat and the symbol of a feather, represented truth, the ethical and moral principles that all Egyptian citizens were obligated to follow in their daily lives.  

In the picture, all this man’s earthly actions and the heart of his intentions are weighed on one side against the feather on the other side – the feather representing the standard of truth.  

Underneath this picture are written words about this man’s life.
For example, phrases such as
“I made each man like my brother”
“I was fair in business and allowed others to prosper with their share”
“I have judged from the heart”
“I was a comfort to the widow, and a father to the orphan”

Etc. etc.  proclaiming all the moral things this man had done during his life.

Knowing that their thoughts and actions were going to be measured against Maat had a profound influence on the daily actions of ancient Egyptians.  For thousands of years, every citizen of ancient Egypt was expected to act with honor and truth in all matters – this started from the Pharaoh, down to the citizens, and down to the servant.  Truth, or Maat was the moral compass of ancient Egypt and it formed the basis for all social interactions and laws. 

But the principle of Maat goes one level deeper.  To the Egyptians, Maat means more than just honesty and truthful behavior – the feather represents a cosmic balance within the universe that cannot be violated.  Disrupting the cosmic harmony leads to disorder.  

This is the inscription under that drawing in the King’s Inner Chamber: 

“Maat is good and everlasting.  It has not been disturbed since the day of its creator.  He who abides by its principles knows peace.  He who transgresses its ordinances is punished.  It is true that evil and wrongdoing may gain wealth, but the power of Maat is that it lasts forever.” 

I want to be clear.  The United States is 246 years old, but the kingdom of Egypt existed in peace and prosperity as an independent nation for nearly 4,000 years, held together by this principle of Maat. 

After going around the room and telling the story of each scene, the Egyptian master instructed the elder king to climb in to the granite tomb and lie with his head in a specific direction, and so began the ritual of vibration.  After moments of pure silence, one of the Egyptian masters began intoning vibratory sounds, similar to mantras or Tibetan guttural sounds.  The loud sound reverberated and bounced off the walls and the ceiling.  The master repeated the mantras, changing the sounds, occasionally moving from one musical note to another, each person in the party joining in the chant, following the lead of the master, adding to the power of the vibration. 

It is said that the person lying in the tomb is the center point of a series of cosmic vibrations that allow the person to rise above the timeline of the planet – and the occupant can see past, present, and future.  It is speculated by Egyptian historians that this experience of past and future is what shook the French Emperor Napoleon to his own core after he experienced this ritual. 


We will never really know if the King’s Inner Chamber has the power to rise consciousness above time, and we will never really know the sequence of sounds and vibrations and their true meanings, but they included the ancient vibrational mantra of Om – the universal sound of creation, and Ra – the vibration of the father, and Ma – the vibration of the mother, and Om Ra Ma – the vibration that unifies the polarities of our being, and such mantras like that each on a pure musical note. 


From this chamber, for thousands of years, newly risen pharaohs would lie in that tomb immersed in the vibrations that would unite their people and their kingdom around the principles of truth, vibrating in harmony with Maat.


It is not my purpose here to give you a full history of Egypt or a deeper explanation of the Great Pyramid, but it is my purpose to highlight the lost ancient teaching of the power of vibration, and how each of us now can learn this power. 


The Egyptian understanding of vibration went far beyond mantras and vowel sounds.


For thousands of years, since the beginning of their time, the Egyptian masters understood that the universe is an infinite series of vibrations, and by aligning themselves in a balance of pure vibrations, they could align their thoughts and actions in harmony with the universe, particularly by aligning themselves with the vibration of Maat.


They understood that the pharaoh’s commands were vibrations so absolute, so unbreakable, so powerful that his words and commands created a strong vibrational pattern that set the direction of the entire kingdom – like a compass or a guide for the people to follow.  It was the pharaoh’s words which guided society.


Because of the absolute power of their words, a pharaoh’s vision could manifest through the people.  If a pharaoh had a vision for a city, the city would soon manifest.  It didn’t matter how impossible the task, if the Pharaoh spoke, in time the deed was accomplished – absolutely. 


With great care the all-powerful pharaohs would issue clear and concise commands that would unite the nation to a common purpose and mobilize the people to cooperate in all areas of life.  Industries were created, legal systems put in place, agriculture and commerce were regulated, systems of science, mathematics and astronomy were developed, ships were built, and armies would fight wars – all tuned to the vibratory commands of the Pharaoh – their God on earth. 


The word of the Pharaoh was absolute, and in this sacred King’s Chamber, the Pharaoh was shown the effect of his commands on the future of Egypt, and the need to keep Maat as the moral compass of Egyptian society, and so it was for thousands of years.


Through the symbol of the feather, Maat became a pillar of Egyptian society.  But as the pyramid ritual made clear – it was not only the people of Egypt who follow Maat, but the vibration must start with the pharaoh.  With Maat as the guiding principle, Egyptian society thrived for thousands of years.


As the Egyptian masters explained to the elder king and the 11-year-old prince, the pyramid is a message from Khufu to all future Pharaohs that Maat really works to create a peaceful abundant society.  “Just look around you,” said Khufu to the pharaohs of the future, “this infinitely massive pyramid was built from the vibration of Maat.”


Many years after his experience in the King’s Chamber, the Enlightened King expressed this idea about vibration:  

“Everything in creation is defined and sustained by an underlying vibration.
Behind our reality, vibrations are what hold our reality in place. 
Therefore, everything can be changed by changing its underlying vibration,
and we change the underlying vibration with new thoughts, words, and actions.”
~ The Enlightened King

If you could rise above time you would clearly see the effect that your thoughts, words and actions have on the world around you, and you would see how those same vibrations return to affect you.  But you can’t rise above time, so you act in the moment, and therefore don’t see the affect you have on the vibratory world around you.  People around you are not acting independently – they are responding to the vibrations you put out, and similarly you are responding to their vibrations.

The Thought Matrix is a tool to carefully choose and construct a series of higher thoughts and principles.  Each of us can create our own Thought Matrix to keep higher thoughts in our Mind.  This is how you create new inner vibrations – because these thoughts eventually become absorbed into your life and effect everything you do.

A carefully constructed thought matrix allows many people to align themselves to common values and principles, and to work toward common goals.  It’s like a mission statement for a company, or a playoff game for a sports team, or a pledge of allegiance for a country – everyone rallies around the vibration of a cooperative group. 

The Enlightened King carefully kept his thought to the highest and best future for his kingdom, and as his inner thoughts and vibrations changed, his outer words and actions became powerful mantras that vibrated to his people, and because the Enlightened King was clear on his purpose, the whole kingdom was clear on its purpose, and just like ancient Egypt, every member of Utopia was part of the plan and understood their role in the process.

Here he explains the power of Mind to create.  You can hear the ancient Egyptian wisdom of vibration in his teachings:

“As king, the world responds to me because my power is absolute, my people manifest what I command them to create.  Yet each of you are kings of your own inner world where your power is absolute, your word is unbreakable law.  By the power of your thoughts and the vibrations of your words and actions, the universe manifests what you command it to create.  Marry your purpose to the future of the kingdom, and our kingdom shall be invincible.”
~ The Enlightened King

I’ll talk more about the meaning of the word invincible at a future date.

As his kingdom prospered, for how could it not prosper under the guidance of this king, he began to codify a system of health, values, enlightened habits and actions that encompassed personal behavior, education, parenting, business principles, and foreign relations. 

You, of course, are not a king, but the power of your inner world is absolute, your word is unbreakable law, and by the power of your thoughts the universe bends to your word.  You have the power to manifest your vision of happiness and success if you tune yourself constantly to those enightened inner vibrations.

How exactly can you use this power of vibration in your own life?

From the perspective of the outer world, you don’t see that we are surrounded and held in place by an ocean of vibrational energy.  And it is not apparent to us that our own thoughts, words and actions create their own vibrations that get added and mixed in with this ocean of vibrational energy.

Our society binds itself together by words, ideas, rhythms, sounds, sports championships, annual holidays, pledges of allegiance, ritual celebrations, routines, invisible boundaries, and a million more unwritten rules that hold everything together.  We live in an invisible ocean of vibration and these vibrations represent our history, define our culture, and predict our future. 

When someone dares to question a social norm or break a social rule, everyone reacts because their long-standing vibrational pattern has been interrupted.  They want to go back to the way it was.  The rules of society, the attitudes, the roles, the values of society don’t have to be said out loud – they exist because it’s always been that way.

Even when you try to break an old habit your Subconscious Mind becomes agitated and works to get you back to the old, comfortable vibrational pattern. 

Your life, your habits, your routines – even the rules of society - are nothing more than a series of comfortable, accepted vibrations that hold you in place – and you agree to these limitations because you don’t even know they exist.

You have been living the life that others have defined for you – and now you find yourself deeply settled into that life.  And because you have not been taught about the vibrational nature of your existence, you are not aware that you have accepted and adapted your own set of comfortable vibrations that hold every part of your life in place.  In a way, you have been like a puppet conforming to the norms and beliefs that hold your world in place.   

But remember this:  everything in your life can be changed by changing the underlying thoughts, words and actions.

Take a minute to relax and take some slow deep breaths. 

To have the wonderful future you imagine, you’re going to have to change many things about yourself, you will have to break through limiting patterns that have held you down – both limitations you have accepted from society, and limitations you have been living with in your own Subconscious Mind. 

The key word in this process is disruption.  To release yourself from the limiting social mantras of society, to make any significant changes in your life, you must learn how to create new vibrational patterns within yourself – which means that you must accept the idea that as you build your new life, your old life will be disrupted and patterns will be broken – because change is the process of disruption.  Breaking things means disruption, discomfort, challenge, and change.

But we don’t just want any change.  You want to choose your new life, so choose new values, create new habits, establish new norms in your life.  This will create “good” disruption – the type of changes you want to see in yourself and in the world around you.  Design for yourself a new moral compass, not based on the values of the shifting, ever-changing outer world, but based on inner values and principles of Truth that are unchangeable. 

In Egyptian society there was a clear wavelength – it was the words and desires of the Pharaoh.  Everyone was connected by that common mantra.  Everyone was part of the plan.  Everyone vibrated to the wavelength of the pharaoh and the wavelength of Maat, everyone’s mind and effort was pointed in the same direction – like a magnetic compass. 


But there is no great king leading us to a vision of truth and prosperity.  The mantras of our society are more fractionalized today than ever in history.  Advertisers, special interests, media companies, social media – they are all to influence and control our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. 

It is up to you to establish your own moral compass, your own thought matrix, your own set of values, to decide what you stand for, then build new vibrational patterns from within your own Mind.  When you change your thoughts and beliefs, you begin to flow differently in the world, and the world flows differently to you.

As you break past old social mantras, you realize that they have imprisoned you for decades, yet the door has always been open – you could have walked away from them with ease.  As the Enlightened King said, we can change the underlying vibration with new thoughts, words, and actions.  You must create an entirely new set of mantras to guide your life.

The best example of mantras in a society are native tribes – such as the native Americans.  They used their sense of vibrational awareness to connect with nature, and they used songs, chants, shared stories and shared values to bond with each other as a tribe.  Celebrations and ceremonies connected the tribe with a shared identity and a common purpose.  From the moment you were born, your role in the tribe was understood, you were at home – protected and nurtured by the vibrations of society.

Our society is not designed to nurture and protect, so the stress and fragmentation we feel in our society will only get worse until we create a safe harbor to nurture and protect each other, and we do that by choosing new vibrations of compassion and service.

Let me explain the power of mantras in a different way.

If you’re a parent, then create mantras to love and encourage your children. 
If you’re a teacher, then develop mantras that will inspire your students to a lifetime of learning and exploration. 
If you’re a coach, then inspire your players with messages of character, motivation, and teamwork.
If you’re in love, then create mantras of honesty and respect.

This ancient teaching must never be lost again because one person, making one small change in vibration – changes the trajectory of the whole world.

Do you agree that reality is completely changeable by changing your inner vibration?


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