Project Utopia: The Enlightenment Podcast 

Hosted by Alan Gordon 

Based on the true story of a forgotten king and his lost teachings of enlightenment.  He was known around the world in his time as the Enlightened King, and his capitol city was known in legend and in fact, as the City of Gold, the Kingdom of Light. 

He left us with a unique system of enlightenment and using historical records, we can piece this forgotten enlightenment system together and open the doorway to enlightenment in our own time.  The enlightenment wisdom of Utopia must never be forgotten or lost to history again.

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Lesson 1:

"Meet the
Enlightened King"

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Lesson 2:

"The Inner World
of Money"

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Lesson 3:

"The Lost Teaching
of Vibration"

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Lesson 4:

"Is This Kingdom of Enlightenment Real?"

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