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Three Reasons to Learn About NFTs.

Don't Miss Out

Participate fully in the new economy.

Soon you'll be buying airline and hockey tickets as NFTs.  You'll be giving NFTs as wedding and graduation gifts. It's important to become NFT literate now and be ready when NFTs go mainstream.  

Leave a legacy for your family.

Even if you've never had money in your life, NFTs allow you to purchase assets today with the potential to appreciate and build wealth.  Buy two.  One to cash in when the price goes up, and one to hold long term for wealth.

Collect art that has meaning to you.

Your NFT art collection should have personal meaning to you.  The art you buy should bring out the best in you, make you feel happy and inspired.  Artists have the gift of creation.  They make the world a better place.  

 Join the Discussion About NFTs
Our Free Gift to You:   The Guide to Abundant Thinking

What Makes NFTs Revolutionary?


Open Market Favors Small Investors

NFT investing favors small investors.  Because the market is open, the value of NFTs cannot be influenced or manipulated by large money or special interests.  Individual owners control the market on a level playing field.

Scarcity & Fixed Supply

NFTs are minted and sold as limited collections, the supply is fixed.  There are millions of NFT collections that will be essentially worthless or stabilize at a very low price, but the collections that become popular have the ability to appreciate and stabilize at a much higher value.  NFTs put the power of scarcity into the hands of small, individual investors.

Global Liquidity

Markets are not only open, but they are global and independent of currency.  With a click of an app a small individual investor is buying and selling in real time with anyone in the world.  The market is essentially unlimited.  Other than a phone and a few hundred bucks, there is no barrier to ownership. 

Growing Number of Use Cases / Mainstreaming

NFTs are becoming mainstream.  We are just at the very beginning.  NFTs represent new ways of thinking, new ways to create money and accumulate wealth.  NFTs allow new frameworks for business contracts.  Entrepreneurs are imagining entirely new industries built on the blockchain.  Obvious applications in real estate, education, government, and entertainment are only the first wave

Enlightened Cooperation Creates Value

The revolutionary secret of NFTs is that each collection behaves as its own independent trading market, the value is independent of outside forces.

So what exactly determines the value of an NFT collection?  The one factor that most impacts the value of an NFT collection is the behavior of the owners, the group controls the market.  This is why a strong group is essential in a successful NFT collection.  Through enlightened cooperation, the group can increase the value of their own investment. 

This is exactly what rich homeowners do.  They all agree to keep their property well-maintained which keeps the value of all homes in their neighborhood high.  NFTs are one better.  The owners, by not selling, can keep the supply low, while at the same time drive up demand by promoting the NFT collection.  For many people, NFTs will be their first experience of being on the "inside" of how wealth is created. 

This Video Walks You Through the Process

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What values do you want to pass on to your children?  

Introducing the Seven Enlightened Principles

by artist Beatriz Mello

Utopia University is pleased to announce the release of its first Limited NFT Series on Enlightenment

"Enlightenment should not require sacrifice, nor be difficult
for the average person.  True enlightenment brings every person
it touches closer to the fullness of their own lives." 
~ The Enlightened King

Keep in Mind as you browse our selection of NFTs, up to 70% of NFT profits get distributed to our members. 

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 Join the Discussion About NFTs
Our Free Gift to You:   The Guide to Abundant Thinking

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