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Utopia University is an innovative private organization governed by enlightened principles. 

To the public we offer free training in a system of Active Enlightenment. 

To our members we provide a trust-based inner space where you can blossom into a full expression of yourself, explore your highest abilities, perfect your health, build a life of meaning and purpose, and experience a future filled with light, health and abundance. 

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Member Dividend

It is our endless pursuit of money that keeps us tightly bound to the outer world.  We sacrifice our personal lives, our happiness, our health, even time with our children - just to make money to live.  Money is a terribly unenlightened concept because it separates us, and it creates struggle.  It shouldn't exist, but we all need it.

People who already have  money are not giving it to you, therefore you must change your understanding of money and prime the pump of your own personal economy.

Generating your own money is simple with a few changes in mindset, but thinking about money is not enough.  You need to create or attach yourself to a vehicle that generates money for you - preferably a vehicle that generates a recurring income like real estate rents or stock dividends.  That's how you become wealthy.  Utopia University is that vehicle. 

For most companies, you will work your whole life to earn just enough, while a very few become rich from the profits.  But Utopia University is a member Association.  We make our own rules, and one rule is that the Association shares the bulk of the profits with its members. 

This profit distribution is just one of many benefits available to our members.  

Sharing Enlightenment Wisdom

In ancient times, enlightenment could be studied - like learning a subject in school. With technology today, enlightenment can be made accessible to everyone, without mystery or confusion. 

As beings of light, the potential for enlightenment is inherent within us. Now it is fairly straightforward to attain. It is our birthright.

Enlightenment systems in the past have required that you separate yourself from the world - in a cave, in a school, in a temple.  In the modern world, of course, these "isolation systems" are impractical, difficult, and take years to see results.

But nearly 600 years ago there lived a king who was known around the world as the Enlightened King, and he created a system of Active Enlightenment that he taught to his people.  It's based on cooperation, not separation. We don't walk away from life's obligations and responsibilities, we embrace them in an enlightened way.

Explore Enlightenment

“What purpose to master your inner nature by turning your back to the world, and hiding your inner light? 
Better to share your light in this world, and through enlightened action the world will find balance. Do the most good.”

“What purpose to think no thoughts or take no actions? 
Better to guide your thoughts to noble purpose, so your enlightened actions become a channel to help others.”

~ The Enlightened King

Forgotten by history, this enlightened king reigned for 40 years and created a kingdom of abundance, a Utopia. This is his system of Active Enlightenment. 

Our organization will be guided by these same enlightened principles, and we will preserve this wisdom so that future generations will always have access to enlightenment. 

"The purpose of enlightenment is to spark a flame to the future,
to get the whole world on board, to create not a personal paradise
to benefit only yourself, but to create a collective bonfire of
light and abundance that will last forever."

~ The Enlightened King

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Project Utopia: The Enlightenment Podcast

Based on the true story of an Enlightened King who lived many centuries ago, he rose to king at age 17.  He ruled his nation with enlightened principles, and over the next three decades he transformed his capital city into a city of gold, standing at the center of global trade and abundance.  

This podcast brings the reality of enlightenment to life.  Project Utopia explores a system of Active Enlightenment which brings the possibility of enlightenment to every day people - regardless of past experience. 

History has ignored this Enlightened King and his enlightened principles, but through this podcast we will ensure that  enlightenment wisdom of Utopia is never lost or forgotten again.

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Enlightenment Discord Discussion

Change is never easy - especially when you're the one who has to change.  But your progress will be faster when you share the journey with like-minded people.

This is a Trust-based space where you can blossom into a full expression of yourself, explore your highest abilities, rise to follow your true passions, and build to the very best version of yourself.

All member (and non-member) communication is done through our Discord server, and the discussion is open to all.

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