"A community of

light and abundance"

Join Utopia University on Discord

1. Set up a Discord Account
Open a free account on Discord.com - select a Username.
You can use Discord on your computer, and also download the App for iPhone or Android.

2. Then you have to be invited to a server. 
Here is the invitation to the Utopia University server.
(This invitation will not work if you don't already have a Discord.com account)

3.  Read the Rules and Behavior section first.
Introduce yourself in the General Chat and jump into the conversation.

Get involved or just hang out and observe - we take you as you are.  You'll find like-minded people to support your journey, and in turn you will inspire and encourage others who are struggling. 

When we harness the power of enlightened cooperation, all limitations vanish.  The stress seems further away, the unhealthy lifestyle turns toward health, the relationships that have become shallow will become deeper and more meaningful.

A pathway to enlightenment

Utopia University Is For You.

In this one of a kind community you'll find all the tools you need to focus on enlightened principles.

  • Change yourself from within.
  • Focus on enlightened values and principles.
  • Take 100% control of your future.
  • Set your life on a course toward purpose and meaning.

Focus your Mind on enlightened principles and watch how they heal your life, increase your abundance, and attract everything you want and need.