What is the Thought Matrix?

Jun 01, 2022
Utopia University
What is the Thought Matrix?

What is the Thought Matrix?

We explain the Thought Matrix in the Active Enlightenment Course.  The Thought Matrix is a tool to help you define and control your thoughts.  It is a tool of self-awareness.

Why would you want to control and direct your thoughts?  Subconscious Mind – whether or not you see it or understand it - is the unyielding power behind the universe.  The thoughts we think today, individually and collectively are literally what are shaping the future.

You need to understand exactly how Subconscious Mind works – it is the power behind your reality and if you can learn to control this power, you are literally controlling the most powerful force in the universe.  It will create anything for you over time and circumstance

For most people, the Subconscious Mind is asleep, and the reason is that you’re going through life in a comfort zone – keeping to the same habits, patterns, and routines – for decades.  I call it living on auto-pilot.

This is how you perceive your daily life – everything is stable.  You know what’s coming next and you get through each day.  Subconscious Mind takes care of a million details and keeps things simple for you, by keeping you in your comfort zone, keeping you within your daily routines, and surrounding you with familiar people in familiar situations.  And so the subconscious doesn’t just hold things in place for you, it prevents anything from entering your life that would pull you out of or disrupt your comfort zone.

It’s not that Mind is sleeping, it’s just that you’re not asking it to do anything.  You’re living on auto-pilot, you’re not giving Mind any new direction or intention, and you’re not disrupting yourself in any way. 

The Thought Matrix is a tool that allows you to intentionally disrupt your own subconscious patterns, and wake yourself up off auto-pilot.  In truth, Mind will rise to any challenge and create whatever is necessary to manifest your requests.  But because you are not creating any disruption, Mind simply manifests this day after day life you live.

So the Thought Matrix lets you start changing your life from within.  It is a tool of self-awareness.  You’re going to ask life for more, intentionally create your own disruptions to wake yourself up and live a new life - happier, healthier, more abundant, with more purpose and meaning.  

You have never been taught that you can control Mind, you can wake it up and give it new commands.  The Thought Matrix defines your new direction.  Whatever you want to be in the future, the Thought Matrix lets you disrupt decades of old habits and ways of being.

The Thought Matrix is a tool of self-awareness.  It allows you to define yourself from the inside, rather than being defined by others from the outside.  It is a way to choose your own values, rather than accept the values that are being pushed onto you by others.

Without the Thought Matrix (or some similar thought structure), your thoughts are little more than random, you have no tool, no moral compass, no plan to guide you and keep you on track throughout the day – you just fall back into auto-pilot repeating the same habits and routines.  The Thought Matrix is like a training tool or a coaching tool to keep enlightened principles at the forefront of your Mind and create good disruption that manifests these principles into your life.

Enlightened people in the past had much higher levels of concentration than we do in our fractured, fragmented world today – so reading the Thought Matrix, journaling about your inner experiences, and discussion groups, all of these will assist you in keeping the Thought Matrix at the forefront of your awareness.  And I have some other tricks I can teach you to help you internalize these principles, and you’ll get better over time.

In a very real sense, the Thought Matrix is a contract with your future self, it’s like paying it forward.  You think these great thoughts today, you motivate yourself to new actions and habits today, and you get a double bonus – you get great feelings of self-reliance today, and you get to enjoy the fruits of your mental work again tomorrow.  Keep paying it forward, making your tomorrow easier.

The Thought Matrix takes invisible yet very powerful vibrations – your thoughts, your beliefs, your values – and through personal work and journaling, puts new vibrations into written form, and slowly over several cycles, the deeper meaning of these values is absorbed forever into your own Subconscious Mind until these enlightened values become part of your life, part of who you are.

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