What is Light Consciousness?

Jun 02, 2022
Utopia University
What is Light Consciousness?

What is Light Consciousness?

I use the term Light Consciousness, so what does it really mean?  

You’ve read stories or watched videos of people who were pronounced clinically dead for several minutes – in some cases almost an hour - and somehow they came back to life.  These are called Near-Death Experiences.  Each story is very similar in structure.  They report leaving their physical bodies.  They report a suspension of time, and they report being greeted by an overwhelming and loving light, connected to everything and everyone.  They describe the whole experience as peaceful and being drawn in or welcomed by the light, and in many cases being reunited with special loved ones who had previously died.  

During the experience they had looked back on their earthly life and saw how silly it was to get  wrapped up in unimportant outer issues – they had missed the meaning of life, the purpose of life to love one another, to be generous, to lift one another up.  From the perspective of light, we are all connected, therefore every act of kindness, every act of generosity, and every act of compassion opens and releases your inner light.  Sharing your light makes your light brighter.

And in every case, they are no longer afraid of dying.  They describe this experience as being near to them like their light is part of them because now they understand that we are light, we are all connected in that light, and that our light is not limited to the time we spend on the earth.  We are light before, during, and after our experience here on earth.  In light consciousness, you see beyond the illusion of the world we live in.

Here's a two minute guided meditation (on Tiktok) to rise yourself to awareness of your light consciousness.


Don't wait until you're nearly dead to embrace you light.  Embrace that mindset of light today - there is no need to constantly be moving and striving for things that have no lasting importance.  Take your time, take time for yourself, and build a strong vibrational balance within.  Live your life in a way that you already are light.  


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