The Mission of Utopia University

May 23, 2022
Utopia University
The Mission of Utopia University

What is the Mission of Utopia University?

Utopia University is an inner organization committed to the practice of inner principles – such as Compassion, Generosity, Health, Helping Others, and Trust.

We believe that everyone in the world is a being of light.  Utopia University offers enlightenment wisdom to anyone in the world without regard for race, income, language, or past experience.  If you are seeking inner growth and you want to absorb more enlightenment wisdom in your life – it doesn’t matter who you are - we are a ready resource to help you.  

We want you to feel comfortable rising yourself up from the negative pull of the outer world and becoming a proverbial spark of light – to admit your full power and ability, and seek your full measure of enlightenment.  You can expect to be welcomed, supported, appreciated, loved, and hopefully we will challenge you to keep growing.  The people around you will not limit you – because we know that you are unlimited.  

This journey to self-awareness and enlightenment is much easier and much more likely to be successful when we do it together – listening and helping one another through the ups and downs of our daily lives.  Although we value cooperation, we will constantly remind you that the journey is yours, the decisions are yours, and the outcome belongs to you.  When you grasp the reins of self-reliance, your true life’s journey will have begun.

As an organization we will not be static in our work – we will always be responding to the changes of the outer world.  Just as we challenge you, we will be challenging ourselves to grow as an organization and imagine beyond our current state.  But as we grow and explore our strategies and tactics may change, but one thing will never change - enlightened values will always be our guide.  

Utopia University is financially self-sustaining – we create our own income, and thus we do not represent the interests of any government, corporation, or special interest.  Our only interest, our prime directive is the abundant well-being of our members, and to help every member experience, for themselves, happiness, health, and abundance.

A very important part of our mission is to ensure that enlightenment wisdom is preserved and available for future generations.  The enlightenment wisdom of Utopia can never be lost or forgotten again.  Enlightenment must be available to anyone and everyone who seeks it.

One member at a time, one precious life at a time, we will show the world that enlightenment is a winning strategy.  If you absorb even one tiny grain of enlightenment into your life – it works miracles in every other area of your life – your health, your relationships, your inner balance – and as you take on more and more enlightened actions your life will start to soar.  Enlightenment is a winning strategy.

We want to offer enlightenment as an alternative to the meaningless, endless noise of the outer world.  We want everyone to know that they can discover and develop purpose and meaning in their inner world – filled with enlightened principles and enlightened actions.

For every new member just joining Utopia University, hear this:  Who and what you are today at the present moment is far less important than who and what you are becoming.  Changing yourself from within, up-leveling your thoughts in all areas of your life, freeing yourself from the limitations you’ve been carrying your whole life – that is the work that you must now begin – and you are not alone.  We are here with you – doing the same work ourselves.    

Whether you’re eight or 80, the message is the same.  Enlightened principles, enlightened actions, and enlightened habits will fill your future with happiness and light.  It works that fast!

As a community, we want you to feel comfortable practicing enlightenment wisdom and integrating it into your life.  We want you to feel comfortable expressing your highest ideals – your dreams and your doubts.  We want your life to flourish, and help you make positive changes that lead to the best version of yourself and your best future.  

Our mission is to be a spark of enlightened action in the world.  With the member's dividend, we initiate a simple act of generosity and kindness to our members.  This gives our members a reason to be generous and kind to the people in their lives, and so these enlightened principles will spread to heal everyone they touch.

Utopia University was built with the words of the Enlightened King in Mind:

"The purpose of enlightenment (Utopia University) is to spark a flame to the future, to get the whole world on board, to create not a personal paradise to benefit only yourself, but to create a collective bonfire of light and abundance that cannot be ignored and will last forever."

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