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Let's Go!

The secret is that you already are enlightened!

You experience this when you feel the warmth of the sun on your face, or when you smile at a baby, or listening to the stillness of a forest.

The light is already inside you.

Our system of Active Enlightenment lets you tap into this inner radiance by letting go of everything that's holding you back.

Utopia University

"An alternative community of

light and abundance"

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There is more to life than the pointless noise of the outer world

You're here to explore your inner world, and our Active Enlightenment course incorporates the highest pearls of ancient wisdom from various enlightenment systems.   

The Benefits of Active Enlightenment

  • All change is inner - you keep the exact same life you have now

  • You will see results in weeks, not years
    or decades as with other paths to enlightenment

  • Abundance is the singular focus of the system

  • The system is teachable, learnable, repeatable and maintainable, so everyone - regardless of prior experience - can be included

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Active Enlightenment

  • Open the doorway to your inner world
  • Shift your consciousness towards light.
  • Rise above Subconscious Mind to control your thoughts.
  • Allow your energy to flow without obstruction.
  • Find inner balance, peace, health and abundance
  • Grow your compassion to heal yourself and heal others.

 Self-reliance. It's one of our core principles. 

We have lots we can teach you about enlightenment, but at the end of the day, you're the one who has to do the work.

You've been looking outside yourself for answers, but remember, you already are enlightened.  So all the things you thought were helping you, have in fact been holding you back - because you are looking / focusing your attention exclusively on the outer world - away from your own enlightenment. Utopia will connect you with your inner world - the true source of your health, happiness and wisdom.

"They" don't have the key that unlocks your inner world of light.  Only you hold the key to your own inner world, and the key is as simple (and as impossible) as finding inner balance. 

We offer a tool that connects you to your greatest powers. The Thought Matrix gives you control to lay clear new vibrations into Mind. Wallace Wattles said YOU MUST KNOW CLEARLY what you want. That's the Thought Matrix - incredibly simple, but very effective in reconditioning Subconscious Mind.

In other words, you can begin to control your own life. You have a remote control that nobody ever explained to you - you decide what channels you watch, you decide your health, you decide your own enlightenment. You hold the remote - you're creating your own channel, you're creating your own life from now on. Others will no longer control you, or hold any power over you. You are a being of light and the sovereign decider.

The Thought Matrix lets you master the most powerful unexplored force in the universe - Subconscious Mind.

Everything you choose to do should make you healthier and happier. If you're involved with a system or a path - maybe for decades - and you're not happy and healthy - you should open your Mind to the possibility that life could be better, that you can gain inner peace, that your relationships can heal and become joyous.

In just a few weeks, you will be back to an inner balance, with new healthier habits, and an important new purpose and meaning to your life.

True enlightenment is not difficult or complicated - it should immediately make you happier and healthier, and fill you with a sense of purpose.

Utopia is enlightenment, and enlightenment makes you unlimited. 

  • Inner wisdom flows into your life like a golden elixir
  • Surrounded by kind people who work in enlightened cooperation
  • Optimism and purpose that lifts you up and makes you feel powerful.
  • Energetic health flowing through you 
  • Be done with limitations and negativity - focus your Mind on enlightened principles and your life is healed.  

Be the Cloud!
We're here for your journey!

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Active Enlightenment Course.

  • Connect with a limitless inner world
  • Add dozens of Enlightened Habits
  • Find purpose and meaning
  • Live a fuller life 
  • Feel healthier
  • Fill yourself with opportunity
  • Rise above Mind
  • Choose enlightened values
  • Open your inner world

 Utopia University is a virtual school of enlightenment open to all 

Utopia is a fantastic opportunity for those who prefer a virtual, self-paced learning environment. We'll help you establish new habits and a structured approach to enlightenment while maintaining the flexibility to live your life.

We are not a traditional school as you may be thinking. Each student comes to us with a different goal in Mind. What sets us apart is that we are owned and governed entirely by our student members, giving them a voice and a unique opportunity to take charge of their own enlightenment journey.

You'll find diverse learning options from live classes and events to recorded lectures, self-guided learning modules, book clubs, health clubs, meditation clubs and more - there's something for everyone.

Utopia is a vibrant community of like-minded individuals working towards a common goal of self-development and enlightenment. With coaching reminders and the support of fellow classmates, Utopia provides a unique and exciting environment for students to flourish and achieve their full potential - each in their own way, and at their own pace.

Our platform also includes accountability and goals groups, discussion groups, and a vast video library, ensuring that you have access to all the resources you need to find success.

So, if you're looking for a learning experience that fits your unique lifestyle and offers endless opportunities for growth and enlightenment, Utopia is the perfect choice. Join us today and become a part of a dynamic and innovative educational community!

Be the Cloud!

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A Podcast Filled With Enlightenment Wisdom

Transport yourself to a golden era of history when people truly lived in an enlightened state of inner radiance. 

The Project Utopia podcast pieces together historical records to reveal a lost system of Active Enlightenment.

Based on the true story of a young king, trained since birth in compassion and enlightenment, he created a unique system of enlightenment that had been lost to history.  This podcast will ensure that the enlightenment wisdom of Utopia is never lost or forgotten again. 

"Enlightenment," said the king, "should not require sacrifice, nor be difficult for the average person.  True enlightenment," said the king, "brings every person it touches closer to the fullness of their own lives."  

Open the door to your inner world and allow the ancient wisdom of enlightenment to work its way into your life.

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Member Dividend!

The bulk of Utopia University's revenue is distributed back to our members.  

We earn money spreading enlightened principles through sales of our books in the Bookstore, and by offering a growing NFT collectionAnd fun fact:   NFT is actually an ancient Sanskrit word that means "Print Your Own Money".  More members means more power to generate revenue.

See how Utopia University launched its first NFT series to create money for our members.  

A limited collection (launch date TBD):
Seven Enlightened Principles by Beatriz Mello.

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The Enlightenment Discussion

Open to members and non-members alike!  Let's talk about enlightenment, let's talk about the podcast, let's talk about the future and create connections based on positive values.  Let's inspire the world.

Get involved or just hang out and observe.  You'll find like-minded people to support your journey, and in turn you will inspire and encourage them.  When we harness the power of enlightened cooperation, all limitations vanish.

What could be better for you than enlightenment?

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